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Medword Verification, Participation, Associations & Memberships
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The above logos and buttons represent various association and memberships Medword holds. There are also third party companies that have carefully and independently verified our company corporate status, our registered ownership, our company principals, and even the safety of our commerce system and protocols. Medword adheres to our strict rules of privacy and reliability. Medword's current Norton Symantec Safe Web Site rating is "SAFE."

Please understand, Medword does not need to get approvals from anyone or any company, or agree to abide by strict guidelines to be able to be on the Internet or to even sell products on the Internet. Besides wanting to be members in certain associations of course, we also pay rather high fees for third-party companies whose sole purpose is to ascertain independently that an owner and a company are real, legitimate, entities with nothing nefarious noted anywhere concerning the owner and/or the company.

Medword, although a small business, pays fees to these companies so that our site visitors, but especially our store customers, can shop without worry of their private information being revealed or shared. There is no fear of their name or e-mail address being used for some other reason - because we don't—and never have—since being on the web since 1996. One of our customers e-mailed us at Customer Care to tell us that after reading "About Medword" and clicking on various logos like those above, he realized he knew more about Medword in one visit than he did about a restaurant he has been going to for breakfast before work almost every business day for about 10 years. We were pleased that one of our visitors made such a comparison, and more pleasantly, that he took the time to tell us.

The long and the short of it is that we want our visitors to feel at home on the Medword site. We will do what has to be done to prove that we are a professional, caring, private company that will only treat visitors & consumers in a manner that we ourselves would expect to be treated.

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