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Medword & BBB Information:
ID Theft & The Internet

Medword & BBB Information:
ID Theft & The Internet

Part of Medword's product shipping policy is to ship only to the credit cardholder's verifiable billing address. If the order is for someone else, you will have to forward the purchase to them. Medword ships only to a cardholder address because your card may have been stolen, or the number may have been recorded by a dishonest retail person at a location where you used your card previously, or you may be a victim of personal identity theft. By shipping products only to the cardholder's verifiable billing address, thieves cannot benefit from crime.

The information below is copyright BBBOnLine. For more On This Issue From the Better Business Bureau, including information for consumers, Medword Urges You to please click on this link: More »

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Information For Businesses - In the Virtual World

A good deal of the advice we're already provided for consumers can apply equally well to small and medium sized businesses. You can review that information by clicking here.

That said, businesses face a number of special challenges that most consumers do not. Many more businesses than individual homeowners make use of networked computers. High-speed, "always on" Internet access is still much more common in businesses than in homes. In a home, a very few, trusted individuals have access to the computer(s); in most businesses, dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of employees have access.

At the very least, the following basic security measures should be in place to help guard your business computer system(s) against would-be attackers:

In addition, you may want to consider purchasing encryption software. Even if an intruder manages to break through a firewall, the data on a network can be made safe if it is encrypted. You can purchase stand-alone encryption packages to work with individual applications, in addition to good encryption software that is in the public domain.

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The above ID theft information from the Better Business Bureau is just another example of why Medword most strongly recommends that all medical transcriptionists use encryption in their e-mails, especially when the content of that message may be confidential patient or customer information. Medword reminds you that in the U.S. this type of safety measure is required by law under the U.S. Federal HIPAA Legislation whenever exchanging health-care information. In Canada, security of patient or customer information is required broadly under the British Common Law of confidentiality, Federal and Provincial laws regarding the keeping of records by businesses, and specifically by acts of legislation in some Provinces, such as British Columbia. Even putting legal requirements and responsibilities aside, the easiest way for any business to approach this topic is to think how you would feel if your own health or other personal information was easily available to anyone and what might be done with that information.

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