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TENS Units & EMS Unit

Accessories For TENS Unit and EMS Units

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Accessories For TENS Units and EMS Units

100 percent satisfaction guaranteed with TENS, EMS, or electrode product.

~ FREE SHIPPING TO U.S. & Canada Destinations ~
~ On TENS Units, EMS Units, Lead Wires, & Electrode Orders ~
~ 1 Week Delivery ~ 100% Refund Policy ~

To ensure you receive the best performance from your TENS machine or EMS unit, we have a large selection of electrodes that are sure to satisfy your particular need or skin type, & TENS and EMS electrode orders ship free:

Electrodes: Accessories:

Blue Gel Electrodes - For Very Sensitive Skin

Cloth Reusable Electrodes

Deraform Reusable Electrodes

Disposable Electrodes

Foam Reusable Electrodes

Galvanic, Butterfly, & Back Electrodes

Non-Adhesive Carbon Electrodes

Reusable Pin Connect Electrodes

Tricot Reusable Electrodes

TENS Conductive Spray

TENS Tac Gel

Electrode Skin Prep

Bifurcating Wires

360 Lead Wires

2nd Generation Lead Wires

3rd Generation Lead Wires

EMPI 40 inch Lead Wire

EMPI/Rehabilicare 36 inch Lead Wire

EMPI Safety Snap Lead Wire

Battery Chargers



TENS Electrode -  TENS Electrodes - EMS Electrodes

~ FREE SHIPPING TO U.S. & Canada Destinations ~
~ On TENS Units, EMS Units, Lead Wires, & Electrode Orders ~
~ 1 Week Delivery ~ 100% Refund Policy ~

You Should Know...

The TENS Unit Electrode & EMS Electrode Wires Medword Sells:

  • Must pass a 3 pound pull-test, but typically pass up to 5 pounds;
  • Are made with zinc-coated copper wires, to aid in dispersion and keep impedance low;
  • Have a pre-formed .080 inch pin connector, which holds a TENS pin in place firmly;
  • Contain a small but firm lug for better electrode adhesion, so the wires cannot pull;
  • Have recently been improved to be even more flexible;
  • A minimum of 5% of our electrode & lead wires are hand tested for effectiveness and quality.

Supplier Guarantee & Return Policy

Medword Medical Sales, through our supplier, guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results you are receiving from your EMS or TENS machine or electrodes, as long as the order is returned in good condition within 30 days, you will be issued a full refund. Medword's supplier is the low-price leader and promises to match all competitors prices. The TENS units and EMS come with a 5 Year Warranty. If you are having any problems with your EMS or TENS unit, send it back to our supplier and a new replacement unit will be shipped out to you immediately.

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