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Concentration Game Using Stedman's Word Book Covers

Concentration Game Using
Stedman's Word Book Covers

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Concentration: The Memory Game

Here's a concentration game with unique pics to match—they are all covers of Stedman's Word Books. MT's rely on medical word books because they have all the terminology for each medical discipline or specialty.

If you haven't played this game before the rules are very simple. In this version, the back of each tile is Medword's logo. There are 30 squares that conceal 15 pairs of Stedman's Word Book covers. You just select two squares. If the two you select match then they will remain visible, if they don't then they will disappear again after a second or so. This version is difficult because a lot of the covers are very close in color. The timer button at the bottom tracks how long it takes you to match all of the pairs. If you want to start over just refresh your page and the whole thing will be randomized for you to start over. If you're interested in reading more details of the books, just hover over the links below the game.

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