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How to Play a Medword Word Search Game

How to Play a Medword Word Search Game

To the right of the main puzzle box there is a list of words. All these words are somewhere within the main puzzle block. The letters comprising each word or phrase in the word list could be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and could flow from left to right, right to left, and up or down. If you find one of the words, simply place your cursor on the first (or last) letter of the word in the main puzzle and drag the cursor to show the complete word. If your selection is correct, the word will be outlined in a thin blue line. You may also use the buttons on the left to reveal a word, the complete solution, or to reset the game. Below the main puzzle box, under the copyright information, you will see two links. One links to the solution of the puzzle in an image form. The other link opens the puzzle in a PDF if you would like to print the puzzle and fill it in by hand.

Of course you must have "Java" installed. Most computers already have this software installed. If your computer does not, or you want the latest version of "Java" please go here.

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